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Spring Chemistry Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Brittnee Veldman (she/they) on the Lands of the Chumash, CI
Please, type your questions into the chat, or raise your hand using the hand icon. Thank you :) There will be a Q&A after the talk.
Tisha Bolen
Sofia Cerecedes
Based off of what Dr. Silva Elipe was talking about regarding the antigen production in the different vaccines and how some use mRNA and some use DNA. Which would you say is the most efficient? Or are they all equally effective?
Udayabagya Halim
Do you have more info about the California Variant? (B.1.427)
Patricio Ruano
How drastic does the variant spike protein mutation roughly have to be compared to the original variant for efficacy to decrease?
Sue Vang
With more variants of COVID-19 coming into play, would you just add onto mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer and Moderna to counter those mutational risk or what you have to start from scratch?
William Ho
Based on the increasing amount of conversation on the topic of COVID variants and given the mutation rate of COVID-19 (about 1 nucleotide change every two weeks from some reports) are we able to translate the existing technologies (like mRNA vaccines) in the face of the changing landscape of viral infection to keep infections under control?
Monica Pereira
What are the benefits and disadvantages to fast-tracking vaccine development? Does fast-tracking vaccine development end up being cheaper?
Govanni Estrada
I don’t know if all the faculty has received there vaccine but if you have which vaccine did you decide to get and why?
Govanni Estrada
Valentina Fontes
Brittnee Veldman (she/they) on the Lands of the Chumash, CI
Thank you all for wonderful questions. Many will be answered in part, by the case study, but we will ask these in the Q&A. We will post the video so if your question is not answered during the time you can spend with us it will be possible to get your answer shortly.
William Ho
What kind of concessions (if any) does a big pharma entity like Pfizer must succumb to in order to push out a de novo drug product to 2 billion units in just over a year? I understand that during the drug development process, there are typically long-term studies encompassing years in time scale tied to drug safety and efficacy. Is it possible to know long-term effects when the virus has only been around for just over a year?
William Ho
William Ho
William Ho
Kamryn Hansen
Thank you all! Great presentations and information, have a good day!!
Patricio Ruano
Thank you for doing this. Very informative and clears out questions so many folks have! 😃😃
Nancy Deans
Our third booster…
Lou Hecker
Can you address how one might approach/respond to the anti-vaxers who have bought into the theories that the mRNA changes one's DNA?
Brittnee Veldman (she/they) on the Lands of the Chumash, CI
Covid News Sources from a range of perspectiveshttps://www.wsj.comhttps://www.theatlantic.com/https://www.politico.com/Video of vaccine comparisonshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMc3vL_MIeo&list=PLbpi6ZahtOH6CBHw5k8mNUmqm0yg-gfC_Video on making the covid vaccinehttps://www.pbs.org/video/inside-the-lab-that-invented-the-covid-19-vaccine-jnt6jk/
Acacia Schow
Thank you! All very informative and insightful.
William Ho
Thank you both for answering my question.
Sue Vang
Thank you for this informational session!!
Nancy Deans
Would the speakers emphasize the importance of getting vaccinated to stop community spread of vaccine giving it the opportunity to make more potentially lethal mutants
Govanni Estrada
Haha yea same here which ever one was available I got
Nancy Deans
“Spread of virus"
Sahira Lorenzo
Thank you for this informational session, it's great to gain this knowledge and continue being informed
Diana Lopez Luna
Thank you for this informative seminar!
Ahmed Awad
Thanks Dr. Elipe and Dr. Schulz. Great presentation.
William Ho
Thank you both again for responding to my questions.
Nancy Deans
Thanks Dr. Elipe and Dr. Schulz. This was informative and accessible to those with varying levels of scientific training. Great job!!
Hillary Tejada
In the spirit of communicating clearly with someone who is worried by the speed of authorization of the vaccines, the time savings came largely from the @risk business decisions made by companies and countries, and the expedited access to FDA reviewers, and the ability to combine Phase 1and 2. The quick authorization did not come from short-changing the clinical trials?
Hillary Tejada
(IN other words I was trying to paraphrase one of the themes of today’s seminary for a layperson.)
Nancy Deans
Based on the variants - do you think we will need a third booster?
Sofia Cerecedes
Thank you both so much for these amazing presentations and answering all of our questions! This was incredibly informative and helped put me more at ease about this new vaccine.
William Ho
Thank you, Dr. Veldman, for moderating today's discussion. Looking forward to attending more talks like this.
Lou Hecker
You both inspire me to go back to school!
Hillary Tejada
Thank you so much for the talk - that was really helpful!